My Secrets

My story how i got out of the rat race

I took a different perspective, improvised, drew attention to myself, just turned things around – I threw old habits overboard and wanted to know if life had more to offer than what I knew and had so far I thought, the world is so big – with so many possibilities, if my happiness in life is not here right now why don’t I go on the journey to look for it? I started to change everything that did me no good and in every area of ​​my life. Job, relationship, friends, family, flat, my financial situation – and yes, also the morality and the opinions of the society – just everything had to come out which did not fit me or I have arranged so that I had a sense of freedom and no longer feel like I have to do something just because others expect it.

I deliberately always did something that I would never do or would never dare or would never try the others, jumped over my shadow, decided now or never – I always wondered why should I give up this or that just because people say it should be a certain way. And I say I do not want to do what is “normal” and give in, but rather do it my way.

And that’s just it – I started to become my own director of my life, but also the main character in it – it’s a game for me, a temptation, a challenge. I just live the way it comes to mind – let me guide, let me lead by my emotions, by my subconscious, by my gut feeling – important to me is whether it fits me at this moment, and if it helps me why should I not to do something unknown to me? That’s just not knowing what’s coming, the spontaneous, the new, the adventure. When I step into a faux pas, I do not see it as a failure or embarrass myself, but laugh about it and think at some point I may be able to tell these funny stories to anyone.

If I succeed something, it pleases me all the more to have achieved something. Some things do not work the way I’d expect, but give me the opportunity to do it better or differently next time. I always turn elsewhere and that’s exciting for me, and it’s a flow that makes life fun and inspiring. I accept both the negative and the positive – even if some hurts, it is still better because I envolve.

It shapes me to the person I am today. Step by step I went the path of self-knowledge and in this context I love the word “minute”. You start with the smallest goals, even if they are so banal – I enjoy every little success I have. If others might say that is not a success or that is self-evident. No, it is not – for every human being something different is easy or difficult and one can even determine one’s own successes and be proud of them.

Try not to compare yourself to others. Accept people as they are and try to focus on yourself and be patient with youself. Compare yourself with yourself what you have accomplished so far. At first I thought I could not write the blog that way, because it might get negative comments or maybe even scare people off, but then I would not be honest, but would be exactly against inviolation of what it’s in my blog. There will always be people who are against you or who can not stand you, but I don‘t care about that. We are all so different and it is our diversity that makes us want to find those who come to fit us.

So no matter what you dream, you can do it all. You do not have to do that or do what others do, but find your talent, talents and abilities, find things that are good for you, find your zest for life, find your happiness, unfold yourself, find a life that you enjoy. Set out to find your destiny – break out of the rat race, be yourself, follow you’ve always dreamed of – if luck does not come to you, then head out on the journey there to seek it ,

Get on the road today, and on the way there, you’ll get every bonus you can get, because “The world is a bonus round” – a playground where you can try yourself.

Write your own story

I have found these beliefs for me, which have enabled me to feel free and to do what makes me happy. I see things from a different angle, where I want to show in my posts this with my secrets that may also help you get out of this rat race.

I try to be no longer influenced by other people or what I hear from the media. I prefer to be my own person.

I give up any moral concept, because I am able to judge for myself and form an opinion myself

Perfection is an illusion. It is supposed to show me what is possible, but it is in fact impossible, why should I make an effort? 😉

I have no time for self-pity, because I prefer to deal with things that are good for me, then I forget the bad things

I don’t become impatient and stressed about things that happen, and instead focus on what better I can spend my life on.

I don’t waste time on things I can not change

Changes give me the opportunity to learn something new

Everyone is allowed to live his/her life the way he/she wants and accept people as they are

I no longer look back on my old life – I enjoy life in the present and focus on the future to realize myself

Mistakes and failures give me life experience, which makes me strong

Other people who are apparently better than me do not affect me, because they grew up differently, have different abilities and have different life goals. They are apples, I prefer to be the pear. 😉

I think positively even if things do not go the way they should, because if we could decide between happiness and unhappiness we would obviously opt for happiness, so why not immediately

Criticism gives me self-reflection to grow, self, improve and develop. Sort of like how a diamond needs to be smoothed into a perfect gem.

The more I am myself, the much more the environment adapts to me and thus I live much freely

Positive thoughts and a positve outlook leed to greater inner satisfaction and charisma, and then positive things come.

Sometimes you have to risk something that you reach a golden opportunity